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Industry Testimonials  



We are very happy to have long standing relationship with RV-VLSI Design center to meet our man power requirements for productive engineers. We have recognized students from RV-VLSI to possess in depth knowledge of VLSI Concepts and technical skills as required by Lantiq.  We find your students to be productive to us in short period of time.

We hope to further continue the relationship with RV-VLSI and work towards a healthier VLSI Ecosystem.


 Human Resources

Lantiq Communications India Private Limited




Parents Testimonials  

I have known Mr.Venkatesh Prasad, the CEO of RV-VLSI Design Centre, from his days at BEL where he worked as IC Design Engineer in the IC-CAD. He is highly dedicated, self motivated, has a passion for VLSI design & sharing his knowledge through teaching. This attitude is reflected in the manner in which VLSI training is imparted by RV-VLSI Design Centre. With his vast experience in India & abroad, he has set up a VLSI Design Centre of International Calibre, along with his dedicated team of faculty members who have hands-on experience in the field & excellent infrastructure with well equipped state-of-the-art lab facility.

My daughter, Meera A.Kumar, undertook the ADAD program & is now working at SYNOPSYS, Bangalore. I am convinced that but for the dedicated hands-on training at the RV-VLSI Design Centre, she would not have made it to SYNOPSYS.

I whole heartedly wish all the best to Mr.Venkatesh Prasad & his dedicated team at the RV-VLSI Design Centre in their future endeavors.

K.S.Ananda Kumar

As a parent I was concerned about the future of my daughter Prathibha. who is an intelligent student, but somehow had got demotivated, and had lost interest in her engineering course. I approached Mr. Venkatesh Prasad, C.E.O of RV-VLSI design centre, our sister institution, to admit Prathibha to the Advanced Diploma in ASIC Design [ADAD] program, with an assurance that Prathibha will be an asset to the industry in due course. I am happy to state that today her life has undergone a complete transformation, after the professional industry oriented training in a world class infrastructure, supported by industry accepted courseware and industry experienced faculty. She has secured a career placement in Intel Corp. and has brought good name to her college and her family. I was very happy to know that each teacher gave personal attention and especially the C.E.O took individual care of students. He guided them during the course and in the placement too.

I strongly recommend RV-VLSI Design centre to all students seeking a secure career in VLSI / Embedded Systems, and request parents to support their ward's decision to carve out a successful career.

Dr. S. Bhaskara
Principal, IASE RV Teacher's College

Student Testimonials  

""As a student I did not know what attributes to look for in a training institute before joining. After I joined RV- VLSI, I understood the importance of good infrastructure, access to EDA tools and expert faculty in VLSI training,and also how crucial these parameter are for transforming an engineer into a productive professional".

Sandesh Sanbhag (Placed at RMI, Course ADAD)

"The industry-like setting, with expert faculty has been a truly enriching experience. The training lays greater emphasis on concepts and practical skills. Its been a great learning experience on the whole. I think RV has provided me a firm foundation for a successful career in VLSI."

Sarvotham Shetty (Placed at Netlogic Course ADAD)

"When I first did my BE project at RV-VLSI, I was motivated and convinced to take up a course at RV-VLSI to make a career in the VLSI industry. I'm fortunate to have been guided by a team of experts with vast experience in companies abroad. I've learned to learn and I'm excited to start my career with a lot of confidence and understanding of this filed"

Gautham (Placed at Netlogic, Course ICML)

I was referred to RV-VLSI by one of my seniors.I joined the ADAD program.The teaching methodology followed by the faculty here is very effective. The course is designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry and to make one productive very quickly. With coaching from Industry experts, exposure to all kinds of tools, virtual industry environment and a mentor like Venky sir, students here are bound to succeed. This is what makes RV-VLSI a class apart. I have been successfully placed in Cypress Semiconductors as CAD engineer. Even though i was not assured placement, the fact that i was placed through RV-VLSI, only shows the dedication and personal attention given to each student of this institute.I feel RV-VLSI is more of a learning and design center than a training institute."

Jayanth B.S (Placed at Cypress, Course ADAD)

"I'm glad I joined RV-VLSI. The courseware and the training methodology gave me the required confidence to face the technical interviews."

Christina Antony (Placed at RMI, Course ADAD)

“I have completed my ADAD from RV-VLSI and have been selected by INTEL. But for the training in RV-VLSI, I would not have made it to INTEL. The training filled the gap between my academic B.E degree and expectation of the industry in respect of technical and soft skills”.

Vineet Anand (Placed as Physical Design Engineer – INTEL, Course ADAD)

“I’m proud to be trained in RV-VLSI. I got ample exposure to VLSI technology under guidance of Mr. Venkatesh Prasad, though I have industry experience of 7 years. The content of the ADAD program is exciting and helped to fill the black boxes I had about the ASIC flow.  Learning VLSI was fun with the knowledgeable and friendly staff and helped me to got a job in INTEL”.

Hema Mehra (Placed as Physical Design Engineer – INTEL, Course ADAD)

“…I was selected in a leading IT major during campus placements. I was offered a good salary package and hence I joined………I resigned from the company….I joined RV-VLSI….I was very impressed by the teaching methodology and exposure to world class EDA Tools and in industry-oriented infrastructure… I have been successfully placed in SYNOPSYS…”.

Ramapriya (Placed as CAE - SYNOPSYS, Course ADAD)