The level of knowledge and exposure imparted at RV-VLSI is really amazing. Had a great experience with RV. I first started off with Bridge Course at RV. The important thing which attracted me to get in for a full time course was the experience during the Bridge Course. The quantity and the quality of knowledge imparted in 8 days course was amazing. We were given exposure to hands on too during such a short span and the syllabus was so vast yet the concepts imparted were crystal clear. So I got a strong foundation of the logic design concepts during that course. The Bridge Course gave me strong idea about RV and its quality which led me to get into full time course of RV to follow my passion to work in VLSI Industry. I could never afford to miss Venky sir’s class. It was always so informative and important. The level of knowledge and exposure imparted here is really amazing. All the SME’s here are reachable and very friendly and always ready to help out. I would really like to thank Mr.Venkatesh Prasad for giving such opportunities to students which expose them to experience n knowledge needed and practiced in industry.

Anjana N S : ADAD B-26

RV-VLSI Design Center build my confidence. I wholeheartedly thank Venky sir for building up confidence in me, his words were very powerful that made me to put effort and to get a job in Robert Bosch. Teaching staff that we had was very good, Prakeethi, vinay, Lakshmi, sitaram, srinath thought us effectively and I’m thankful to them. The first time i visited RV-VLSI the face of RV-VLSI was Akshata and shruthi madam they invited very well thanks for them for their support. The placements were good, I also thank sangeetha and other non teaching staff for their support.

Yadav Manjunath : ADEMS : B-08

Quality of training in RV-VLSI Design Center is Exceptional Hi Akshata This is Navaneeth C P (ADAD Batch 25), and I got placed in Cyient. After completing MTech, I wanted to join in a VLSI training institute to improve my practical skills in ASIC Designing.I came to know about RV-VLSI Design Center through my friend who had taken the course here. Quality of training in RV-VLSI Design Center is exceptional.Challenging project works which offered hands on technical experience helped me in a great way to find a job of physical design engineer. I thank Mr.Venkatesh Prasad, Mr.Srinath B K,Mr.Vaibhav, Mr.Vinay for their guidance and motivation throughout the time of course with that only I could able to reach my target.

Navaneeth C P : B-25

RV-VLSI helped me to change from software to my dream career in VLSI Industry. This is praneeth from ADAD-B25 Batch .My uncle referred me RV-VLSI to change careers from software to vlsi Industry.RV-VLSI provided me with Hands on experience with projects using Industry standard EDA Tools. RV-VLSI helped me from knowing concepts to applying them in live projects.Here in RV we have an environment where we learn new concepts and applying them on projects ,which helps very much developing our analytical skills.We learn how to work in a team.Whenever we have a problem Srinath Sir is very helpful in providing guidance.Because of RV-VLSI training i am able to get a job at synapse design.

Praneeth Vasantham: B-25

Impressed by teaching methodoloy and exposure to world class tools. This is V.Naveen Reddy ,batch_24 student of RV-VLSI Design center ,I got placed in TATA ELXSI and synapse design Center I joined in TATA ELXSI as a Physical Design Engineer .I thank to Mr.Venkatesh Prasad C.E.O of RV-Vlsi design center,Mr.B.K.Srinath Senior physical design engineer ,Mr.Vaibbhav Sr. Design Engineer FPGA Design and Mr.Vinay Physical Design engineer because with their continuous encouragement ,support only I reached to my target. I was very impressed by the teaching methodology and exposure to world class EDA Tools and in industry-oriented infrastructure. I strongly recommend RV-VLSI Design centre to all students seeking a career in VLSI Domain

V.Naveen Reddy, B24

I am Ashik Chandran from B-24 batch. I was referred to RV-VLSI by one of my brother. I did my Mtech from NIT Calicut and had somewhat good theoretical knowledge. But I lacked the industrial knowledge which was required to get a job in core companies. RV-VLSI provided a good industrial exposure that bridged the gap between my academic and industry. I have been successfully placed in Infosys limited as Physical design engineer. The teaching methodologies was very good at RV-VLSI. I sincerely thank Venky Sir for the industrial knowledge he has imparted. I thank Kamath Sir for providing me all the placement opportunities. I thank Srinath sir for all his support in my project. I thank Preetham Sir and Vaibbhav sir for their support which helped me crack my interview. Finally I also sincerely thank Vinay sir for his informative classes and the support he gave.

Ashik Chandran - ADAD Course - B-24 - company- Infosys

Dear Sir, I got offers from both SmartPlay Technologies and Synapse through the guidelines given by you and kamath sir. I am glad to inform you that I have joined Smart Play. I am greatly thankful to RV-VLSI for giving the great opportunity to attend the VLSI course. I got confidence to attend the interviews with the help of theory and practical experience which I got from this institute. RV-VLSI has brand in this evergreen VLSI industry which gives opportunities to freshers. Finally the guidelines from the faculty make us productive for companies from day one. I am very thankful to you, Srinath sir, Kamath sir, Vinay sir, Preetham sir and all faculties in RV-VLSI for guiding me to build my career in VLSI. Thank You,

Raghavendra HS, ADAD B-23,SmartPlay Technologies

Hi Venky Sir, I am writing this from Synapse-DA, as a Physical Design Engineer after had my training in RV-VLSI in Batch-23. I owe you for the personal push that you had provided when I was in dilemma to switch my career. But without a doubt I can say, the modules and training pattern that I had in RV, patched my academic and industrial knowledge. Since my prior experience was not in Semi-conductor and was years away from my graduation,for me, RV training was a complete career transformation from nothing to an industry ready professional. Thank you for providing such an adequate work environment, that now I find myself so comfortable and confident in the real industry. Moreover, the practical work experience that I learned from there were become precious now. Again I am grateful to the institute, especially Kamath Sir for getting me a placement opportunity. A big salute to Sreenath Sir,Preetham Sir, Vinay Sir and Gerard Sir to shape me for the Semi-conductor industry. Look forward to see you people again...

Renoy Jose, ADAD, Batch-23

The industry-like setting, with expert faculty has been a truly enriching experience. The training lays greater emphasis on concepts and practical skills. Its been a great learning experience on the whole. I think RV has provided me a frm foundation for a successful career in VLSI.

Sarvotham Shetty, Netlogic Course ADAD

Namasthe Venky Sir, Thank you for giving me a wonderful opportunity to complete the ADAD Course at RV-VLSI. Currently, I am doing my Fall semester at University of Southern California.As you know I am pursuing Masters in Computer Architecture and Digital VLSI. I recently had a career fair at my university and had a very good experience speaking with hiring managers. I had an opportunity to speak with recruiters from Intel, San Disk, Micron Technology, Cypress Semiconductors and Altera. Even tough I had done many good projects at USC like Tomasulo OoC Processor, Chip Multi Threaded Processor, Layouts for PLL operating at 1GHz and 16 bit CLA using Domino Logic, companies were more interested in the Physical Design Project. All the recruiters asked me questions related to Physical Design, Synopsys IC Compiler and STA.They were impressed about the course work of the Institute. Even in my Masters course work, the concepts taught at RV-VLSI was very helpful

Tejas Graduate Student, USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Subject testing I have completed my ADAD from RV-VLSI and have been selected by INTEL. But for the training in RV-VLSI, I would not have made it to INTEL. The training flled the gap between my academic B.E degree and expectation of the industry in respect of technical and soft skills

Vineet Anand, Physical Design Engineer - INTEL

Working in KPIT in Embedded domain was possible due to RV-VLSI. I’m working in KPIT as PES engineer and this was possible because of the knowledge i got in RV-VLSI, I thank RV-VLSI for providing such a good opportunity to learn. I personally thank prakeerthi sir, Sangeetha, Vinay sir, Sitaram sir, srinath sir, Lakshmi mam and also non teaching staff for their enormous support during the training period.

Tilak Saad Rathod : ADEMS : B-08

RV-VLSI training meets industry standards This is Anil S N of batch-25(ADAD) and i got placed in CYIENT. The training we receive in RV-VLSI meets the industry standards. I thank CEO Mr. Venktaesh Prasad,Mr Vaibbhav Tharate, Mr B.K Shrinath,Mr Vinay for there continuous encouragement and support.The teaching methodology adopted here is unmatched and the infrastructure is world class. With the help of ADAD course my dream to work in VLSI industry has come true. I strongly recommend RV-VLSI for anybody either fresher or experienced to take this course for their carrier in VLSI industry. I also thank other teaching and non teaching staff for their support. I wish all my batch mates success in their future endeavors.

Anil S N : B-25

I got good teaching and exposure to EDA tools at RV-VLSI . This is N.Siva Kumar, batch_25 student of RV-VLSI Design Center.I am very happy to say that I got placed in CYIENT as a Physical Design Engineer.I thank Mr.Venkatesh Prasad C.E.O of RV-VLSI Design Center,Mr.Srinath BK Sr.Physical Design Engineer,Mr.Vaibhav Sr.Design Engineer FPGA Design and Mr. Vinay Physical Design Engineer because their continuous encouragement,support only I reached my target.I was very impressed by the teaching methodology and exposure to EDA tools and in industry oriented infrastructure.I am happy to say that RV-VLSI Design Center is a good thing to training for various Domains.

Siva Kumar N: B-25

Headline: If you dream a career in VLSI the next stop is RV-VLSI. This is Prakash C S of ADAD B-25 Batch and I got placed in CYIENT LTD. I learned a lot from the course that too in a duration of six months. Whatever asked in the interviews were already discussed.We as the students of RV-VLSI always stood alone during all the recruitment process. A sincere thanks to Mr.Venky, Mr.Vaibhav, Mr.Vinay and Mr.Srinath for their support.Thanks for all the non teaching staffs for their support.For those who dream for a career in VLSI engineering the next stop is RV-VLSI. Thank you.

Prakash C S : B-25

I am Sachin B Ambali, from B-24 batch. I came to know about RV-VLSI from one of my senior when I was pursuing my BE. I always wanted to join a core company, but for some reason I landed in a software job. I was unhappy with my job and wanted to change the domain. I came to RV-VLSI and I was guided and different questions were put in front of me like I would take front end or back end. I was impressed when I came to know that I would be learning about latest technology and would be using latest industry tools. I realized that RV-VLSI would help me achieve my goal, so I joined RV-VLSI. RV-VLSI bridged the gap between the academic and industry. I would like to thank all the teaching staff. Venky Sir, Vinay Sir and Vaibbhav Sir helped us with the basic concepts. I am a complete fan of Vaibbhav Sir as he changed our thought process and approach to a problem. Srinath Sir helped us with advanced concepts and he inculcated the habit of asking more and more questions in us. And finally I would like to thank RV-VLSI for providing placement opportunities, because of which today I am placed in Infosys. Joining RV-VLSI was one of the best and important decisions in my life , as it helped me achieve my goal of entering semi conductor industry. And I hope RV-VLSI helps other people like me to achieve their goal.

Sachin B Ambali - ADAD Course - B-24 - Company- Infoysys

Hello Sir, May I introduce myself as Ravi Kumar, Working with Synapse DA. I got trained in RV-VLSI in ADAD Batch -6. With your support and guidance I was able to get a job in Physical Design. Just to flash across SanganaGouda, Ramya, Ashish, Suhas, Balaji, Tara and myself are of the same batch. If you could remember I met you when you had visited Synapse Whitefield office. Currently I’m working as a Technology Lead in physical design for Synapse India, Working across with multiple clients. Currently I’m in Singapore. The main purpose of the email is to bring to your notice that SYNAPSE is hiring fresh physical design engineers. I know each and every student who had done a course from RV-VLSI is a perfect fit for this opening. Just to bring to your notice R.Vinod (B-17), Tejonath, BVN Jagadish (B-9) who had done a course in RV-VLSI is now a part of my Singapore team. As I’m leading them all at for this client. I can closely observe their strong fundamental knowledge, Problem solving approach which is definitely unique when compared to other folks in the team and with their strong scripting skills help them to automate most of the tasks, placing them on the front line in the team. This is just bcoz of RV-VLSI and its unique course work. I though of sharing the requirement so that most of the students from RV-VLSI should get benefit out of it.

Ravikumar Pasupuleti , ADAD-Batch 6, Technology Lead, SYNAPSE Techno design Innovation Pvt Ltd

I am from ADAD B-23 batch of RV-VLSI. I got to know about RV-VLSI from an article published in The Hindu newspaper. I was interested in Full Custom Layout Design and RV-VLSI is the only place which teaches that. The best thing about RV-VLSI is the teaching methodology. Here there is no spoon-feeding. We get a very good amount of exposure about the VLSI industry and also the EDA tools here are of industry standard. The concepts that I learned in the classes here and the experience I got, helped me very much in interviews of Synopsys and Intel and I got placed in both the companies. I got the confidence to talk in the interviews only because of the experience I got here. According to me, RV-VLSI is the best place to learn about VLSI and get a job in the core industry.

Sumukha J N, ADAD- B-23, Intel

The teaching methodology followed by the faculty here is very effective. The course is designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry and to make one productive very quickly. With coaching from Industry experts, exposure to all kinds of tools, virtual industry environment makes RV-VLSI a class apart. I have been successfully placed in Cypress Semiconductors as CAD engineer. RV-VLSI is more of a learning and design center than a training institute.

Jayanth BS, Cypress Course ADAD

As a student I did not know what attributes to look for in a training institute before joining. After I joined RV- VLSI, I understood the importance of good infrastructure, access to EDA tools and expert faculty in VLSI training, and also how crucial these parameter s are for transforming an engineer into a productive professional

Sandesh Sanbhag, RMI Course ADAD

Sir this is Varun from B-14 batch , this mail is to inform you that its almost a month in San jose now and i'm happy to say that i have slowly started to settle down. Classes have started and they are going great. Classes here are far different from the one which i had at RV-VLSI , here professors just do things at a rapid pace and expect us to know things . At this point i must say that RV-VLSI has helped a lot and i am knowing the importance of it when the whole class sits thinking of a problem where im able to finish the same in minutes, actually has given me confidence over the subject.Lat week looking at the projects (AMBA Protocol, DDR3, I2C , Standard Cells...) even my Academic adviser was astonished that in a short span of a 6 months we are thought on so many different areas . I remember the day in January 2011 when i met you for the first time and the advice you have given me. Today il tell it from my heart that you have given me more than what you promised and im really happy about that "THANK YOU SIR" also i will never forget your classes , your scoldings and the silly questions i used to ask you (sorry sir if that had irritated you in class :) ) and the line "One Should Know how to Handle his Freedom" understanding the real meaning of it when im in place where i don't have my family members , friends or someone to care for me. I will always follow that and focus on the purpose im here for. Let God give you and your family good health and all the happiness

Varun Pursuing MS at San Jose State University, California

Many thanks to all the companies for visiting us regularly to hire our skilled engineers to meet their requirements. We believe this is the ultimate recognition and endorsement for RV-VLSI.

Dear Sir, 01 Dec 2014 SmartPlay is very pleased to be associated with RV-VLSI in campus placements. RV-VLSI has consistently helped us hire well trained and productive talent from engineering colleges throughout India. We commend the effort and sacrifices made by the staff of RV-VLSI in contributing industry ready engineers to the semiconductor ecosystem. I am sure the course content, faculty background and the emphasis on skill development has been the differentiator in creating employable engineers. Engineers hired so far from RV-VLSI meet our expectations and we look forward to continue working with RV-VLSI to meet our ever changing needs for well-trained students. RV-VLSI clearly differentiates themselves from fresh engineers coming out of engineering colleges. I wish the institute all the best and look forward to a long and fruitful association. Best Regards, Vice President SmartPlay Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd., Ground Floor, Golden Towers, Old Airport Road, Bangalore-560 017. www.smartplayin.com

Vice President SmartPlay Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Do you have any new batch of VLSI students ready to be placed.

Talent Acquisition, Redpinesignals

We are looking at 2013 graduates who have undergone a course with RV-VLSI. Candidates need to have 50% in 10th, 60% in 12th & 65% in their UG. Kindly send me the list of eligible candidates before I can confirm on the hiring.

Hiring Manager, Wipro

As we discussed over the phone, I am arranging written test plus F2F interview on Monday 29-September-2014. It will be a whole day activity from our end. We will be selecting candidates towards our Full Custom Layout team as ICE. We are fine to consider candidates from the PD domain too. I will be sending individual mails to them and request them to respond if they are interested in the position with us.

Group Lead, Intel

As discussed please share the profiles of RV-VLSI: Job Description: Development of PDKs for Synopsys customers. Provide technical assistance in resolving issues that need a deeper understanding of the tools Provide technical assistance by writing scirpts using Tcl and Python Running QA and regression tests for developed PDKs Development and delivery of product training material

HR Manager, Synopsys

Nice to hear about you from Mr. Omkesh, who was trained from your institute. We are looking for somebody who can work for the PD for some of our project activities. If you find suitable candidate please refer to us, we can recruit them in the project. Thanks a lot.

Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad

Greeting's from Lantiq . We are looking for students from RV-VLSI . I shall share the domain requirement at the earliest . The interview procedure will be the same as of previous one Written test Technical interview HR Discussion. Please let us know the students availability based on the requirement shared .

HR Manager, Lantiq