Module 4: ASIC Physical Design



Short refresher courses in VLSI design are offered to working professionals and change of track IT professionals through our short module programs. The duration of the module varies from one to two weeks and depends on the specific module. Theory sessions are held during morning hours and the lab assignments can be completed in the afternoon or anytime during the week.


Whether you are looking for a lateral change, want to upgrade your knowledge or are looking for a career change from IT/BPO to VLSI short modules are a great option to learn while working.The modules are taught by industry experts using industry standard tools.



Course Description


This module discusses the hardware design and implementation techniques for programmable VLSI chips like FPGA. It also includes the SoC and  Embedded Systems design methodology using softprocessors.



Training Duration and Timings


Fulltime Program.

9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Contact RV-VLSI for further details.





Application Fee: INR. 1,500/-

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Who can benefit from this course?


  • Students in Engineering who want to gain skills in this module
  • Corporates who need training in this module
  • VLSI Professionals looking for lateral change
  • Engineers who want to gain knowledge and experience in this module





Engineers who have completed their B.E./B.Tech. or M.Tech from Electronics, Telecommunications, Electrical, Computer Science, Information Technology and Instrumentation Science.



Selection Process


Direct Admissions after counselling. Contact RV-VLSI for further details.



Course Outline


  • Programmable VLSI architectures
  • FPGA design flow
  • HDL techniques for high performance designs intended for programmable logic devices
  • Optimization and timing analysis techniques
  • Building embedded systems with NIOS II soft processor



In an effort to maintain quality, RV-VLSI reserves the right to change or modify the course content and the duration of the course and the course fees.



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