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RV-VLSI & Altera Lab Launch
Venkatesh S Prasad
Founder CEO, RV-VLSI

From the Office of the Chief Executive Officer

My dear student, my fellow academician and my colleagues from the industry. Welcome to RV-VLSI.

I distinctly recall the challenges I faced in recruiting VLSI and Embedded Systems “industry ready” talent while setting up the teams, as the Director of Conexant Systems India Ltd.

I felt it would be of great help to Conexant if somebody with substantial industry experience and a passion to teach would have a institute catering to the specific needs of the VLSI industry. I set out looking for one, but in vain could not find any. I suppose the reasons for this are, to setup a good VLSI and Embedded training institute the investments needed run into millions of dollars. The next significant factor is the Handsome pay an engineer with substantial experience would be making, add the two and you do not see a compelling business case to start a training venture.

As I was passionate about teaching I decided to call it quits from the industry and dedicate my time to build a state of the art design center, not to teach theory but to help promote experiential learning in an industry atmosphere to students, academicians and working professionals.

To keep the operating costs low I approached the management of RV with my idea and am indeed fortunate to have received the support of Dr. M. K. Panduranga Setty, President, RSST and the entire RV management team to setup a world class facility.

Today the center is well established and offers many fulltime and fast-track courses in VLSI, Embedded Systems, Microelectronics and works closely with VTU in faculty enrichment programs, BE projects and other areas.

Our alumni do us proud, working for the best product companies one can think of.

RV-VLSI can be characterized as an industry inside a campus with access to the latest industry standard design software and nanometer process technology.

I’m very happy to have a wonderful team of professionals from the industry with substantial international experience assisting me is execution our vision. Our uniqueness lies in what we teach, how we teach and who teaches.

I encourage you to visit the center, take a tour of the facility and interact with my team members to explore ways we can help you.